Cultivating transformation

If you would like to know more about the Solvay Ponts MBA program and how it can help you boost your career, the first step towards your MBA project is to attend one of our events — on-campus and online — or MBA fairs, or to take an appointment with the Admissions Manager for a face-to-face meeting or a Skype video call.

Izabel Medeiros

Expert Process Manager
at ING Belgium
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Eva Orro

Project Manager
at Yara International
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Filiep Deforche

Senior Partner & MD
at BCG

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Brazilian moved to Brussels

Expert Process Manager — ING Belgium

“I did the business field project in Portugal, together with an Indian and a French colleague. We had very different perspectives and point of views, which made the outcome really interesting.”

Career Advancement Program

The Career Advancement Program & Business Field Project helped me to focus on what I was really looking for. During the course of this program I discovered that I had made a lot of friends in Brussels, I was adapted, connected and I had a very strong network that I didn’t want to give up. And I think without their reflection that makes you ask yourself — I don’t know how many times — “what do you want in life?”, I wouldn’t have made this choice.

Business field project

I did my business field project in Portugal in an innovative design and R&D company that had developed an electric vehicle. They didn’t know how to place it into the European market. We helped them in terms of business cases and created bigger reach in Europe to sell the product. I did the project with an Indian and a French colleague, so we had very different perspectives and points of view. With the help of our international background we made the outcome for the company really interesting.


Originally from the Philippines, now living in Brussels

Business Process Consultant – Yara International

“The MBA is very challenging, but at the same time personally fulfilling. They help you extend your skillset beyond your comfort zone and help you discover more about yourself.”

Join an international powerful network of forward-thinking business leaders

Studying at the heart of Europe

Studying at the heart of Europe, Paris or Brussels, has big advantages. For example, all the big companies are there, so there’s a wide selection of possibilities that are opened up after the MBA. My exposure to an international faculty, an international student body and international studies abroad helped me become who I am right now. It had a positive impact on me. For example, I work now on global projects and the cultural nuances that I have learned come from my interactions with these professors and students and international studies.

Coached by a McKinsey partner

My best recollection of the Solvay MBA is being invited by the academic director to lead a strategy project for the school. Throughout that strategy project I was coached by a McKinsey partner and the experience was just stellar. I learned McKinsey’s confidential techniques that I still apply here at work, I can easily deliver effective presentations and I’m also asked to participate in strategy projects.


Working from his Brussels and London offices

Senior Partner and Managing Director — The Boston Consulting Group

“The MBA prepared me very well for a successful career start at Boston Consulting Group – a choice I don’t regret more than 20 years later.”

Connections all over the world

The quite extraordinary thing about the MBA and my class in ’92-’93 was the fact that out of 24-25 students we had almost as many nationalities as students. So it was a great thing to be able to work with all these nationalities and many of them have gone back home. I have friends now from the MBA in China, Asia, Africa, and the US – so a real global network.

Invest in the future

The return on investment from the MBA at Solvay for me is quite an obvious one. I joined BCG, the Boston Consulting Group, after the MBA at Solvay and frankly without the MBA I would not have gotten in. The fact that I’m still here after 20 years probably says it was indeed a good investment to undertake the MBA.