To make your application easier, we have developed an:

Online application tool

Admissions are considered on a rolling basis. However, it is advisable to send your application as soon as possible for various reasons. First of all, availability within the next class is limited. Applications will not be processed, however, until all required documents have reached us.

You might need a visa or there may be certain administrative formalities that take time to complete. If you are not an EU citizen, the student visa procedure might take a few weeks or even a few months depending on your country of origin.

We require a promising GMAT or GRE score. Admission with a GMAT score below 550 is unlikely. In exceptional cases, outstanding academic credentials, unique work experience, or other relevant information may compensate for a lower GMAT score.

Alternatively, you can take our internal test, which can either be organized on-campus or online.

Once your file has been completed and reviewed by our admissions team, you will be invited to a final interview at the school or via Skype.



As an Applicant you are required to have:

significant and valuable work experience
a desire to work in an international environment and be open to diversity
an outstanding academic record (Master level)
proficiency in business English
leadership skills and diligence, coupled with the ability to work under stress

We aim to create a community of participants that will contribute to the diversity and uniqueness of the MBA program. Therefore, the Admission Committee will meticulously examine the biographical and academic background information, GMAT score, achievements, awards and honors, employment history, and letters of recommendation.

The application form should be completed with: